V Beam Laser

The V Beam laser is an advanced laser technology that can help treat a variety of skin conditions from rosacea to birthmark removal and much more.

What is the Vbeam Laser?

The Vbeam Laser is a pulse dye laser, which is specifically designed to target redness and facial blood vessels that are present in conditions such as rosacea (a skin condition that causes facial blood vessels to enlarge which can result in the nose and cheeks having a ‘flushed’ appearance). The Vbeam laser softly delivers an intense burst of light into certain areas of the skin which is absorbed by the enlarged blood vessels and pigmentation. This causes the redness to fade. What makes the Vbeam laser so different is its unique cooling design, milliseconds before the laser pulse, there is a burst of cooling cryogen mist that helps to cool the skin in preparation.

What does the Vbeam treat?

The Vbeam is capable of treating several different conditions of the skin, either on the face or body. Some of these include:

  • Rosacea
  • Broken Vessels
  • Redness of the face and neck
  • Age spots and freckles
  • Port wine stains
  • Birthmarks

Dr Hugo Pin will assess the level of your condition and will customise a course of treatment that will work for you.

How quickly will I see results?

As with most cosmetic treatments, results will vary depending on the patient, the severity of the lesion, its location on the body and the number of treatments required. Dr Pin will be able to provide more information about what you should expect in your particular case, however most patients will notice an improvement within 6-8 weeks.

Are the results permanent?

There can be a number of deciding factors when it comes to the permanency of your results, ranging from the case at hand to the lifestyle of the patient. Typically smaller treatments such as broken blood vessels and slight redness will tend to produce very good results for many years, however conditions that result from ‘internal’ factors like port wine stains can sometimes recur after treatment. All in all, results are generally excellent for years following the treatment if the patient properly cares for their skin.

Are there precautions that I need to take after treatment?

It is recommended that after undergoing your Vbeam laser treatment that you avoid exposure to sun. This will ensure that you can retain the best results from your treatment. It is also encouraged that you wear a sunscreen of SPF +30 every day in order to protect your skin. Dr Pin will discuss what precautions you should take during your appointment.

It is no longer necessary to suffer from skin conditions like rosacea or redness, Vbeam offers a solution. Call us for a consultation at Sunshine Vein Clinic and we will be able to customise a treatment plan for you.

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