Gummy Smile

What causes a gummy smile?

A great smile doesn’t just end with straight teeth; all of the surrounding elements help to create a beautiful smile. Gummy smiles can occur when an imbalance between the amount of gum and tooth is shown when smiling. This imbalance is often caused by the overactive muscles controlling the upper lip, which curls up to reveal the excess gum tissue above the teeth.

A beautiful smile has balanced proportions.

If the excessive gum tissue becomes visible when smiling, it can deeply impact the overall aesthetic of the smile. In the past, gummy smiles were treated with invasive surgeries of the gum tissue and jawbone. Thankfully, developments in cosmetic medicine allow us to treat the appearance of gummy smiles with a simple, non-invasive 10 minute treatment that is so simple, yet so effective.

Overactive upper lip muscles can be treated with injectable muscle relaxants.

During this treatment, muscle relaxant is injected into the overactive muscles of the upper lip, reducing the elevation of the lip and creating a beautiful, more symmetrical smile. This is a virtually painless procedure that can be undertaken in around 10 minutes, and patients can return to normal activity immediately. Muscle relaxants work by blocking the nerve endings that connect to the muscle fibres. Eventually, these nerve endings will regenerate and reconnect with the muscle fibres.

The effects of the treatment usually last four to five months, though with continued use, the muscles can sometimes learn to relax. Following the treatment, patients will only be left with tiny mosquito sized marks and in some cases may experience some very minor swelling and redness, which ice can help to reduce. The full results of the treatment are typically seen after a week or two.

Muscle relaxant for the treatment of gummy smiles is a safe and virtually painless treatment, and can completely change the aesthetic of your smile.

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