Cheek Augmentation

As we age, volume is lost in facial areas that used to be plump, such as the cheeks.

What many people do not realise is that cheeks are an extremely important feature on the face. Once they lose their youthful ‘plumpness’ they can begin to droop and cause the appearance of jowls and also result in darker circles under the eyes and deep nasolabial lines. Replacing this volume can do wonders for adding vitality to your appearance.

Depending on how much volume loss the patient has suffered, we will use a certain amount of dermal fillers to enhance the cheek. Our dermal fillers are made up of substances that naturally occur in the body such as collagen and hyaluronic acids, which are designed to be used deep in the skin to create a natural looking appearance. These substances are hypoallergenic and typically do not cause reactions.

Undergoing a cheek augmentation can have a huge impact in rejuvenating your appearance.

It can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, lift the appearance of jowls and improve the look of deep lines around the nose. A cheek augmentation isn’t just used to restore a youthful appearance, it is also commonly used for younger patients who suffer from the genetic appearance of deep tear troughs (the dark shadows that form under the eye). Your cheeks are one of the key elements to creating a vibrant and fresh look.

Following the procedure you should experience some minor swelling and redness for approximately three to four days, after which you will see the full results of your treatment. Because the dermal fillers are made up of naturally occurring substances which the body is capable of breaking down, you will need to return to our clinic to have the treatment performed again. The dermal fillers should last from 8-12 months. This is great because it allows you the ability to test out different looks and various levels of volume without permanency.

Cheek augmentation requires an artistic eye and a conservative approach.

Cosmetic treatments of this nature are easily overdone, so it is important to select an experienced cosmetic professional like Dr Hugo Pin to perfect your cheek augmentation. Cheek augmentations performed by Dr Hugo Pin can create a beautiful balance between your facial features, and soften the signs of aging. Cheek augmentations can revitalise the look of just about any patient, so if you want to enhance your natural beauty and add a natural looking volume to your face, then a cheek augmentation might be right for you.

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