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Anti-Ageing Treatment For Hands

They say that you can always tell a person’s age by looking at their hands. Well… not anymore! Hands are often the tell-tale sign of a person’s age. It is a common expression that if you want to guess someone’s…

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Liquid Facelifts

The Allure of Youth Research shows that, in general, we find youthful features more attractive. You can thank the laws of nature for that. Our instinctive sense of attraction prompts us to look for healthy mate with which to produce hardy…

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NICE Guidelines on Varicose Veins in the legs were published in July 2013 and a Management Pathway in Aug 2014. Although long overdue we are pleased that at last the Endovenous Laser techniques introduced over 10 years ago have been…

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Overwhelming support for anti-ageing treatments

A recent study commissioned by the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia highlights an overwhelming support for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The study surveyed 1,022 Australians, with 79 per cent of those interviewed expressing their acceptance of the use of non-surgical cosmetic…

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Ultrasound Sclerotherapy for Varicose Vein Treatment

Sunshine Vein Clinic, Noosa and Sunshine Coast discuss the importance and benefits of Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy. Summer is just around the corner... you know what that means right? Beach, bikinis, and short shorts! Do you feel ready to be in…

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How can I tighten my skin without surgery?

Have you ever felt self-conscious about the skin around your neck? Or perhaps you’re uncomfortable with the areas of your stomach or thighs? Unlike cosmetic procedures in the past that involved invasive and painful techniques with serious downtime, we have…

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Sunshine Vein Clinic offers a range of minimally-invasive anti-aging treatments

As generations progress alongside technological and medical breakthroughs, people are finding that now with the prospect of longer lives and unlimited opportunities; they are eager to look as young as they feel. The sad truth is that as we get…

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The deadly consequences of ruptured varicose veins

Did you know that elderly people die in their homes each year in Australia due to ruptured varicose veins? According to the University of Adelaide forensic pathologist Professor Roger Byard, this is the unfortunate case. While it’s a rare incidence…

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Our secret weapons to reverse the signs of aging

Reverse the signs of aging with non-surgical, safe and effective cosmetic treatment Anti-wrinkle injections for a more youthful appearance? At Sunshine Vein Clinic on the Sunshine Coast, our anti-wrinkle injections are perfect for those that want to stop time in…

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Angelina Jolie to remove varicose veins with laser treatment before marrying Brad

Every bride wants to look as good as they feel on their wedding day, and it appears that Angelina Jolie is no exception In an article published this month in U.S magazine, the National Enquirer, Angeline Jolie plans to remove…

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Exilis to the rescue: Beat the bulge this Christmas

At Sunshine Vein Clinic in Peregian Beach, QLD we want to help you face the New Year and all its glorious challenges with a renewed sense of self confidence. But first we need to enjoy what we have just around…

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Embrace body confidence in the New Year

Your relationship with your body image is extremely important to our team here at the Sunshine Vein Clinic in Peregian Beach, QLD. We strive to ensure that we help our patients address their body image concerns which can potentially boost…

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Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis at Work and While Travelling

Travelling can cause deep thrombosis when you travel for 4 hours or more The human body is not built to sit for long periods of time and if you do, you may be putting yourself at risk of deep vein…

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Enhance your body beyond the veins: Try Sunshine Vein Clinic’s cosmetic treatments

The sunshine vein clinic is not only interested in healing veins and similar issues, we’re also a one-stop shop for all of your cosmetic needs. We offer a range of cosmetic treatments including eyebrow lifts, skin tightening or cheek augmentation…

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Eight Beauty Enhancements Designed to Rejuvenate your Face

At Sunshine Vein Clinic we can help refresh and rejuvenate… Whether you are unhappy with the way your face looks due to wrinkles, low-set cheeks, skin problems or even the shape of your nose, at Sunshine Vein Clinic we are…

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There Are Some Things Apps Should NOT Be Used For

There’s an app that claims to be capable of detecting skin cancer… Researchers downloaded four popular smartphone apps which claimed to be able to detect skin cancer. The researchers fed images of cancerous and non-cancerous legions to the smartphone apps…

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Are you a male that is interested in cosmetic surgery? Satisfy your needs with us at Sunshine Vein Clinic!

Cosmetic surgery is no longer a woman’s domain, with Sunshine Vein Clinic on the Sunshine Coast men can enhance themselves, too! At Sunshine Vein Clinic on the Sunshine Coast we understand that men suffer from decreased confidence due to their…

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Summer Sun Safety – Mole Check Sunshine Coast

Most people have the misconception that sunscreen use allows a person to spend unlimited time in the sun. Properly applying sunscreen on a regular basis greatly reduces a person's exposure to the sun's harmful rays but it does not eliminate…

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