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Sunshine Vein and Cosmetic Clinic can use liposuction to treat your tummy, arms, inner thighs, hips, and more!

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Have you tried various diets and exercise regimes, yet still can’t seem to lose the jiggle? If you are tired of fat that won’t shift, liposculpture could be your perfect solution!

Experience in Liposculpture

Dr Hugo Pin has the skills, expertise, and qualifications to perform your liposculpture procedure. With a Certificate of Liposuction from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, you can rest assured our procedures are safe and effective.  Your safety and care is our priority, which is why we always adhere to the official standards and precautions.

We will take the time to assess you personally and decide the best approach for optimal results.  You can rest assured that by having your liposculpture procedure with Dr Hugo Pin, you will be receiving a safe and quality treatment.

In essence, liposculpture is an elegant solution to an age old problem: How to remove localised areas of fat that are not responsive to diet or exercise. A relatively minor removal of tissue can lead to a dramatic improvement in body shape and contour.

Men and women can achieve the desired body shape that before they had only dreamed of having. Any area of the tissue overlying the body can be treated with this technique, but some areas are particularly suitable. In women, these are the outer thighs (saddlebags), abdomen, the hips, waist, inner thighs, buttocks and knees.

Upper arms, isolated skin folds in the flanks, the breasts and bulges to the sides of the breasts are also common areas treated. Other problem areas too are responsive to treatment. The “muffin top” above the tops of jeans can be removed as well.

In men, the abdomen and the flanks are much more commonly treated. Some men have excess fatty tissue in and around the breast. This can also be satisfactorily removed. As with women the neck and jowl area are popular areas for treatment. In both men and women, the neck and under the chin can be successfully sculpted to give a more youthful appearance.

What is Liposculpture ?

Liposculpture is a major refinement in the technique of liposuction. Liposculpture is performed under local anaesthetic which makes it is much easier to achieve a regular, even result to the areas treated. This is because it is possible to stand up and allow the effect of gravity to be seen on the areas treated towards the end of the procedure. This enables a much more predictable and pleasing result to be achieved.

Liposculpture takes time to achieve the best results. The average procedure lasts 2 hours or longer, especially when multiple areas are treated. In contrast, liposuction performed under general anaesthesia must be done in a shorter time as longer anaesthetic time increases anaesthetic risks.

People who have had both procedures say how well they feel after liposculpture compared to traditional liposuction under general anaesthesia. The recovery period is shorter with much less bruising and there is minimal or no pain. Now liposculpture is performed by many doctors from many specialties. At our clinic, Dr Hugo Pin is specially trained in liposculpture, is dedicated and will take the necessary time to get the right result for each person.

Is Liposculpture Painful?

At our clinic, you have options for treating your pain. If you want, you can have a completely painless procedure with local anaesthesia or mild sedation . The skill and technique involved in liposuction can also largely impact the severity of pain. Dr Hugo Pin possess the experience and skill to perform your liposuction procedure with minimal pain. Our focus is safety, patient comfort, and quality results. If you are worried about the pain involved in liposuction, we feel confident in catering for you.

What are the benefits of liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a major refinement in the technique of liposuction. Liposculpture is performed under local anaesthetic, which makes it is much easier to achieve a regular, even result to the areas treated. This is because it is possible to stand up and allow the effect of gravity to be seen on the areas treated towards the end of the procedure. This enables a much more predictable and pleasing result to be achieved. Second, as no general anaesthetic is needed for liposculpture, as opposed to a liposuction procedure, the inherent risks associated with a general anaesthetic are avoided.

Third, liposculpture involves the injection of fluid into the fatty tissues before the procedure is performed. This fluid contains the local anaesthetic (lignocaine) and also a medication, which effectively constricts blood vessels (adrenaline). Adrenaline vastly decreases the amount of bruising that occurs with liposculpture, while the local anaesthetic produces effective relief of any discomfort during the procedure and for up to 12 hours afterwards (sometimes longer).

Fourth, liposculpture is performed out of hospital. It is day surgery. There is no need for the person having liposculpture to stay overnight in hospital, have blood transfusions or even fluid intravenously. A half day only is required to perform the procedure, and you are encouraged to remain active following the procedure, walking on the same day or soon after, and often returning to work after a few days. Time off work and normal activities is kept to a minimum. People often think they need to take holidays to have liposculpture. This is not true, one or two days off is all that is required in most cases.

Is liposculpture safe?

A large study over 15,000 cases of liposculpture performed in America in 1994 and 1995 showed that complications during the procedure were few, as were problems following the procedure, and the level of complications was much less than for conventional liposuction surgery. Bruising is minimal, but does occur in most cases. It lasts for 10 to 14 days. Infections theoretically can occur, but are extremely rare and antibiotics are given before and after the procedure. Local areas of numbness can occur in the areas treated, although these usually resolve within a few weeks of treatment, but may take longer.

Who can benefit from liposculpture?

Some common examples of people who can be helped by the technique are:

  • Women who have had children and are concerned by the unwanted accumulations of fat that childbearing has brought saddlebags, full thighs, hips, a ‘pot-belly’ and accumulations of fat in other areas, often resistant to the most rigorous gym workouts and exercise regimes.
  • Men who have developed love handles above the hips or accumulations of abdominal fat, not necessarily related to lack of exercise, but often due to natural decline in the production of growth hormone, which occurs with age. You may be able to blame your genes for many of these deposits as the tendency to deposit fat in some areas is genetically pre-determined.
  • Women and men who want to have the streamlined appearance and have the best shape that they possibly can. For such people the permanent removal of even small amounts of fat from localised areas can make a good figure dramatically better.
  • People who have been significantly overweight, have lost weight and are now near their goal, but still have problems with local accumulations that will not budge despite diet and exercise.

Men who have unwanted accumulations of fat and breast tissue over the breasts as a result of hereditary or other factors.

What about my skin?

The skin is a remarkable organ. An article published in Dermatologic Surgery confirms what liposculpture surgeons already know; there are few problems with looseness of the skin after liposculpture procedures, even in people at the age of 40 or beyond. This is due to contraction of the skin as a result of the liposculpture procedure itself. An experienced liposculpture surgeon can produce skin retraction that would have been thought impossible by conventional surgeons more than a decade ago. Skin contracts in all areas treated by liposculpture and excision of any skin at all is almost never necessary.

What is involved in liposculpture?

Preparation for liposculpture is remarkably straightforward. After an initial consultation, some blood tests are ordered to ensure that there is no problem such as anaemia. It is important that aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, Nurofen, Voltaren etc.) not be taken for one week before the procedure. They decrease the effect of platelets in the blood and can increase the amount of bruising and chances of bleeding. An antibacterial soap is used for two days prior to the procedure. Antibiotic tablets are started the night before the procedure to minimise any chance of infection. After the procedure, a garment is worn over areas treated for one to two weeks (sometimes longer). This is quite a light, comfortable garment and easy to wear under normal clothes, so no one should be able to notice.

How is liposculpture performed?

After the saline solution is introduced into the tissues through small holes in the skin, and the local anaesthetic in the fluid has had enough time to work, small tubes or cannulae are introduced into the fatty layers. Suction is applied to the cannulae while they are gently moved through the tissues and the unwanted fat is removed in a progressive fashion until the desired result is achieved. Most cannulae used are 2mm to 3mm or less in diameter (sometimes 4mm), and are substantially narrower than the cannulae used in conventional liposuction.

Is there an age limit?

There is no theoretic age limit for the performance of liposculpture provided that there are no significant health problems that may interfere with the medications used or recovery.

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What is the cost of Liposculpture ?

– $3500 FOR 1 AREA*


* 1 area = inner thighs, outer thighs, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, arms, breast (men) etc. ** 3 areas max per day (Max cost $6500). Garment: $200. Payment plans available. Ask us for an easy option.

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