Are you considering liposuction to remove stubborn fat pockets from your body?

Sunshine Vein and Cosmetic Clinic can use liposuction to treat your tummy, arms, inner thighs, hips, and more!

Liposculture Sunshine Coast

Have you tried various diets and exercise regimes, yet still can’t seem to lose the jiggle? If you are tired of fat that won’t shift, liposculpture could be your perfect solution!

Experience in Liposculpture

Dr Hugo Pin has the skills, expertise, and qualifications to perform your liposculpture procedure. With a Certificate of Liposuction from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, you can rest assured our procedures are safe and effective.  Your safety and care is our priority, which is why we always adhere to the official standards and precautions.

We will take the time to assess you personally and decide the best approach for optimal results.  You can rest assured that by having your liposculpture procedure with Dr Hugo Pin, you will be receiving a safe and quality treatment.

What is Liposculpture ?

Liposculpture is a major refinement in the technique of liposuction. Liposculpture is performed under local anaesthetic which makes it is much easier to achieve a regular, even result to the areas treated. This is because it is possible to stand up and allow the effect of gravity to be seen on the areas treated towards the end of the procedure. This enables a much more predictable and pleasing result to be achieved.

Liposculpture takes time to achieve the best results. The average procedure lasts 2 hours or longer, especially when multiple areas are treated. In contrast, liposuction performed under general anaesthesia must be done in a shorter time as longer anaesthetic time increases anaesthetic risks.

People who have had both procedures say how well they feel after liposculpture compared to traditional liposuction under general anaesthesia. The recovery period is shorter with much less bruising and there is minimal or no pain. Now liposculpture is performed by many doctors from many specialties. At our clinic, Dr Hugo Pin is specially trained in liposculpture, is dedicated and will take the necessary time to get the right result for each person.

Is Liposculpture Painful?

At our clinic, you have options for treating your pain. If you want, you can have a completely painless procedure with local anaesthesia or mild sedation . The skill and technique involved in liposuction can also largely impact the severity of pain. Dr Hugo Pin possess the experience and skill to perform your liposuction procedure with minimal pain. Our focus is safety, patient comfort, and quality results. If you are worried about the pain involved in liposuction, we feel confident in catering for you.

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What is the cost of Liposculpture ?

2 areas : $2800 (eg. inner thighs, or lower abdomen only) – $1400/area

4 areas : $3900 (eg. inner and outer thighs; upper and lower abdo) – $975/area

6 areas : $5400 (eg.  inner & outer thighs, + lower abdomen; lower & upper abdomen + hips)  – $900/area

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